Sunday, January 8, 2017

Minutes of Silence; Moments of Praise- Soulful Sunday

I am a part of a fitness accountability group, which I unofficially call the #selfcare sisters.  We have made it our mission to eat well, move daily and live purposefully while holding each other accountable.  Periodically, we exchange motivational text messages, recipes, fitness challenges and selfies taken in the gym.  This week one of the sisters shared a devotional with us.  I honestly don't remember what the scripture was or the daily inspirational message, but something caught my attention at the end of the reading.  When I sent it back to the ladies, I created my hashtags and told them that I felt a blog in my spirit.

This week I picked up a book that I'd purchased last year or the year before.  It was a mandala coloring book for adults.  Recently I've felt the need to find a space to focus and relax.  One night as I was sitting in bed, I put on my headphones to listen to meditation music and began coloring a page of the coloring book.  I noticed an immediate shift in my aura.  Once I allowed the coloring and the music to take me to my inner sanctuary, I became one with the page.  It didn't matter what was happening around me, so long as I sat still and focused on the page.  Once the coloring was completed, a sense of peace and tranquility came over me. Shortly thereafter, I began to thank God for the opportunity to sit alone in my own thoughts.  It was then that I recognized that my minutes of silence had turned into moments of praise.

Isn't that what life is all about? God has created us to work, but also to REST.  Even God himself rested on the 7th day at the beginning of creation. It seems that we have taken to the notion that the more we work, the better we are. But what we find is that instead of being productive, we are actually just making ourselves busy.  Busyness does not equal productivity.  I believe that God created us to take some time for ourselves to hear his voice in the stillness.  It is in those minutes of silence, that we recognize just who God is and how much the love of God sustains us.  Once that finally sinks in, our stillness turns into a sanctuary and we have now created moments of praise.

So I challenge you this week to find a few minutes to sit and reflect in silence.  There are 1, 440 minutes in one day; surely you can find 5 of those 1,440 to sit in silence and meditate.  I can almost guarantee that if you take at least 5 minutes of silence, it will turn into 1, 435 minutes of praise. Your entire day will begin to shift when you set aside time for you and God.
Find YOUR thing that allows you to reflect and simply acknowledge how good God has been to you.

Now walk it out...

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