Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Begin the day with prayer!

I posted this on Facebook this morning:

Began the day anointing my boys with blessed oil. Praying over their minds, bodies and souls. They closed their eyes as I prayed and took it all in. We usually pray in the car, on the way to school, but I felt the urge to stop and lay on hands this morning. We are raising strong, courageous, saved African American young men who will be leaders and world changers! ‪#‎workinprogress‬ ‪#‎bemindful‬ ‪#‎beintentional‬ ‪#‎lovemyboys‬

So many times we run out of this house and forget to connect to the people who bring us joy.  Praying over your family doesn't cost you a dime.   The blessed oil was already in my medicine cabinet from my father's last visit.  (He brought it from my home church in Philadelphia.)  My  husband had already gone to the garage to pull the car out, but I felt a tugging in my spirit to pause for just a moment.  As I anointed their heads and rubbed their shoulders and legs ( they both had been complaining of hurt "something" due to sports and plain old growing pains), they bowed their heads and did not fuss.  I believe that they appreciated what I was saying to God, on their behalf.  

If you have children, stop and let them hear you pray over them.  It encourages them and they will remember the words if they get frustrated during the day.  The blessing is not in the oil, the blessing is in the realization that there is a higher power source than us and that we can go to this source for strength.

Perhaps you don't have children....so what.  You know a neighbor, a niece or nephew, a friend's child, a grandchild, someone in your church or civic organization who needs to hear someone pray over them.  
  • Your voice can soothe a troubled mind.
  • Your voice can keep someone from giving up. 
  • Your voice can give someone confidence in God.
  • Your voice can possibly save a life.
  • Your voice can liberate a generation.
So, I invite you to use your voice and speak well of and pray over someone today.

Now walk it out.....

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