Thursday, August 6, 2015

Just in the Nick of Time

I want to give you the lyrics to one of Mommy's songs:

Just wait on God, He'll be right there
Just wait on Him, be assured that He cares
Don't go ahead of Him, but don't fall behind
Just wait on God, He'll be right there......Just in the nick of time.

Whatever you've been asking God for... believe that it's already yours.  Your belief, however, does not dictate God's timing.  Part of the process is in the waiting!

While you, pray, confess and speak victory over your situation.

Be careful not to focus on what you don't have, but be thankful for ALL that you do have.

God has not forgotten about you and you have not lost His favor!  So hold your head up high, sit your shoulders back, release the tension in your neck, hold your stomach in, tuck your pelvis under and walk into the room as if you already have the victory. 

Confidence in God looks good on you!
Peace in the middle of a storm looks good on you!
A smile on your face looks good on you!
Joy in your spirit looks good on you!
A skip in your step looks good on you!
Your hands outstretched and raised in praise looks good on you!
The posture of humility on your knees before the Lord looks good on you!

My darling, regardless of what the situation looks like at this particular time, please remember:
You are the beloved of God and He's got you covered!

So wait on God and rest assured that He'll be right there...just in the nick of time.

Now walk it please excuse me........"strut your stuff!"

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