Sunday, February 25, 2018

Grateful for the Gals who Raised and Poured into Me

     It's early Sunday morning on a cool day of February, I have the middle bedroom window in Daddy's apartment opened to get some fresh air.  It's been raining since late last night and the water has been soothing.  I can hear the sound of the rain tap dancing on the pavement and bouncing off the building's vinyl siding.  Periodically, I hear the sound of tires in the distance gliding over the wet streets and splashing through the puddles.  Lawd, what type of animal was that?  It sounded like a duck, but I'm not too familiar with the Philly wildlife.  I hear the rain and I am instantly calmed.  (If I were 6 years old again, I would find so much pleasure in sneaking outside and jumping in the biggest puddle I could find.  Jumping from the curb, leaping into the air,  high above the ground only to come crashing down smack dab in the crater of water which would then splash back up into my face.  #carefree  The thought alone makes me snile!

    But I have another reason to smile...

     I am in Philly because on Friday, we laid my Sweet Grandmother to rest.  She was 95 years old.  This is Mommy's mommy.  The one who was in the hospital on one side of town, while Mommy was on another side of town.  This is the lady who got out of the hospital in time to come minister to her 1st-born daughter, as she was preparing to transition.  This is the strong woman who stood alongside her baby-girl's bed stroking her hand and praying as she had done since the first day they met.  This sweet Lady made her final transition on Valentine's day, the same day that her daughter would have been married to my Daddy for 59 years.  Oh February is more that just Black History month; it holds so many personal memories for me.  Surprisingly, they are not sad memories!

     I am so grateful to God for the lives of 2 beautiful women, Clara Lurannah Beckeet and Nelda Judiffy Beckett Mattison. (Those are some middle names right there. Ha!)  Though there have been many people who've poured into my life over the years, I am so blessed to have had a praying Mother and Grandmother.  They were powerhouses who loved the Lord and knew God firsthand.  These sisters could get a prayer through on your behalf. They prayed for you, over you and probably against you if they knew that you were going the wrong way.  ("Don't let them rest God, until they acknowledge you"......I think that's one of the ones I remember)  These sistahs were serious about their relationship with God and they wanted you to experience the saving Grace and feel the loving arms of God.  Now how can I be sad about that!  In 3  more days, it will be 5 years since Mommy went to be with the Lord. I can't believe it's been that long!  I'm not tearful, but reflective. (Also glad that I get to be in Philly with Daddy during this time.)

     Maybe that's why I appreciate the magical sounds of the rain this morning.  Maybe the rain is representing the tears that aren't falling from my eyes, but is washing over and cleansing my soul as I remember these ladies.  So many times we as individuals overlook and fail to appreciate the gems that are in our midst.  We take for granted that what we are experiencing now is going to remain like this forever.  What I am quickly realizing, at 46 years of age, is that it's my turn to be that gem for someone else.  A couple of weeks ago,  I was thinking about all of the little girls and boys who look up to me at church.  (My little shuga boogas.)  I thought about carrying $1 bills in my wallet and when I felt I needed to bless one of my little bee bops to just shake it in their hands and give them a word of wisdom.  What is really funny.....during Grandmommy's eulogy, the Bishop mentioned how she used to give him a "holy handshake"and deposit a few dollars into his hands periodically.  That was confirmation for me! ( No sorry Bishop, unless your hand is an ATM you will not be receiving anything from me. Ha!)  That thought, 2 weeks ago, was confirmed in that message that I am to be a giver and I already have my own little network set up.
     I just keep hearing God say..."pour into....pour into.  What I instilled in you is for more than just your household.  Sharri, you were blessed to be a blessing!" There were so many who recognized gifts and talents in me and now it's time to find that little girl or boy and share that wisdom with them (and a dollar sure won't hurt either).  Nelda and Clara nurtured what God had already placed in me and when they didn't understand they just prayed for me. ("Lord have your way!")  At forty-six, foxy and fabulous, it's time for me to be more deliberate in how I pour into others.  Part of it is instinctual because I had such great examples of woman whose love was limitless; but living with intention is paramount.  I am embracing the shifting that is taking place in me!

I am cheering you on to find your own way to live with intention and purpose.  I've known for years  that I was an encourager....BUT I also know there is so much more to do.  My words soaked in love and dripping with intention have the capability to change the entire trajectory of someone's life.  I embrace that and move forward with purpose!  Many years ago, the Lord gave me the theme for our Women's conference..."I was Created for More".....didn't realize at the time that would be my mantra for years to come.  My friend, YOU too were created for more so don't run from it...sprint towards it.

     So on this rainy Sunday morning, as I begin to get ready to attend church with Daddy,  I am grateful for the gals who poured into me and now I gladly accept the calling to DELIBERATELY pour into others.

     If this spoke to your heart, then I advise you to take the challenge, and begin pouring.

     Allow your feet to carry you where you've already been ordained to go.   
     Walk into your destiny and create a legacy.

Clara Lurannah Hackney Beckett
Nelda Judiffy Beckett Mattison
Sharri Lor Mattison Coleman 
...the legacy will continue because I am living on purpose... 
Who's next?!

      NOW WALK IT OUT........

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