Thursday, June 2, 2016

I don't get it God!

It may sound funny,  but it is true.  Sometimes I really don't get what God is trying to show me.

Have you ever felt this way?

Just when you think you are doing the "right" thing, it seems that the rug gets pulled back out from under your feet.  You notice your feet are above your head and you're looking up at your shoes, because once again you've ended up flat on your backside.  I suppose it shouldn't be unfamiliar, because surely we've all been in this position before.  However, it is annoying to find yourself on the floor.... yet again.

There are several ways to look at this...
  1. Is God punishing me?  Do I need to repent for something that I've done and recognize these are just consequences of my actions?
  2. Is God stretching me?  Am I supposed to get to the end of myself, so I can learn to totally depend on him?
  3. Is God waiting on me?  Have I been putting everything on God and not using the gifts, talents and resources that He has given me to "do the work"?  Maybe I just need to get frustrated enough that I actually start performing the tasks that are well within my capability level.
I don't know which one applies to you.  Maybe it's one, perhaps it's all three....but what I'm learning through all of this is that it's all a part of the process.  Even if I messed up and need to ask for forgiveness, that's a step.  If God is indeed stretching me so that I develop tougher skin to deal with the issues on the next level, then that's another step.  And if God is just waiting on me to stop making excuses, then I must take the bigger step and take the leap of FAITH.  I don't get it God; but I trust YOU while I'm in the process!

The bottom line is, I'm tired of playing the waiting game. So as I wait; I must WORK (stop playing) and worship.  There has to be some resolve that kicks in for all of us that says I'm not going to be in this same position for too much longer.  So although we may not "get" what God is doing, we must trust that it's all working together for the good (Romans 8:28).  It may not 'feel' good, but it's working for my good!  Recognize that there are tiny steps that we could be taking right now to advance, if we'd just stop making excuses.

So although I may not "get" what God is doing, I totally "get" who God IS!

We must trust the process, do the work, work the plan and............Walk it out!

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