Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wake up........Get in Position!

"Stop waiting on the approval of others to be who you are.........Get in position!"

I was just about to post this message on my Facebook page, when I heard my dog get off of the couch.  Oftentimes when he knows that I'm sitting at the dining room table, he will come in the room, sit right by me, nudging me with his nose until I begin to rub him under his chin.  This time Arby did something differently.   He tiptoed past me, slowed his pace as he approached the door, stepped down one-step into the man-cave and stopped.  When he realized that I understood his actions, he looked back at me with approval, and stood there waiting for me to react. Interpreting his code, I got up from the computer, stepped into the man cave, said "good boy"  and we walked side by side towards the back door.
This dog has me trained!  He needed to go into the backyard to relieve himself. The funny thing's 4 am and had I not woken up he would have held it until I would have awakened much later.  I suppose if it had gotten too bad for him, he would have walked into the bedroom and let out a tiny cry until I'd stir out of my sleep to open the back door. (Yes, he does that too.)

His actions quickly made me think about this past weekend and the "Mother's Night Out" event.  The weekend was phenomenal.  The selected mothers were so grateful and appreciative of the kindness and generosity of strangers.  We listened to one testimonial after another about how timely this event was.  Most of them just needed a reprieve from their everyday lives to recognize that they, like Mary Magdalene at the tomb (John 20:11-18), were crying without realizing that Jesus has been standing there the entire time.  Mary was looking at the "situation inside of the tomb" not recognizing that the Savior was already outside of the tomb waiting for her so she could run and tell the others that he was risen. 

On September 28th I did a Facebook Live post to tell the world about my assignment to bless 10 mothers.  I needed to  have the accountability partners to actually make me follow through with the task at hand.  Six weeks later, the event took place and it was done in such style, elegance and class thanks to an AMAZING group of volunteers.  No one could have expected an event of this magnitude to take place in such a short amount of time.

I was talking with a sister friend yesterday and I mentioned that oftentimes the doors that we are able to walk through or the tables where we are privileged to sit are NOT for us, but rather to be a blessing to others.  I didn't have the funds to do this event myself, but God told me to open my mouth to let others know about the assignment.
When I opened my mouth, God opened his hand and the Mother's Night Out event took place.  (With only a $10 difference in the total budget and the amount donated.)    #wonthedoit

Arby's simple gesture reminded me that there is always someone waiting for us to get into position.  There was no way possible that Arby could have gotten into the backyard without my assistance. (He's too big for a doggy door.)  However when he heard that I was fully awake and in the proper place, he was smart enough to get off the couch and give me a sign.  There are signs that are going up all around you that people are in need.  But many won't receive that help because you're too busy playing around, not recognizing your God-given assignment.  My simple words to you....WAKE UP and GET IN POSITION!

You know in your heart what God has told you to do; yet you sit in silence waiting for the perfect time.  Hello ma'am...hello sir......there is no perfect time.  The time is NOW and God's waiting on you.  He's sitting outside of the tomb, just chillin', while you are looking inside of the tomb crying. Dry your eyes and hear his voice.  He's talking to you!

When you get in position......lives will be touched.
When you get in position......generational curses will be lifted.
When you get in position......others will be encouraged to want better for themselves.
When you get in position......some child will want to achieve due to your steadfastness.

Ludacris released a song in 2003, Stand Up....."When I move you move (just like that)" 
When YOU get in position......people will develop the boldness to step into THEIR position just like that.

Thank you Arby for this morning's illustration and thank you God for your assignment.

If you're ready to get into position, wake up and tell the Lord Yes!

 Now walk it out........................

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